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Who We Are

Antiracist Electoral Action is a grassroots organization that aims to accelerate antiracist progress by increasing awareness about the importance of electoral politics at every level of governance.

Deep-rooted organizing and protest politics are mobilizing people around the United States to act as agents of antiracism.

In this work, we have an array of tools and strategies. One vital means for translating our egalitarian values into action is through elections. During these events, we not only decide who we want to represent us, we also have our say on a number of ballot measures such as whether to approve or deny additional spending on schools and parks (via bond issues), amend our state’s constitution, recall officeholders, and uphold or repeal legislation (via veto referendum).

By creating a forum to discuss and strategize antiracist electoral politics at the local, state, and federal level, we hope to empower members of the American public to make the best use of the ballot box.

We are interested in conversing with people who not only denounce the animus and discrimination of interpersonal racism, but who are working to root out the institutional racism that systemically creates and perpetuates racial disparities through political policies, practices, and norms. Antiracist Electoral Action is not committed to any political party, only political principles and action. Our conversations with electoral candidates and officeholders, and our resources related to the activities of electoral candidates and officeholders are intended for use by the public toward their consideration of civic matters; they are not to be construed as endorsements.

Although U.S. politics in the 21st century are currently marked by deep polarization, we believe no party should have a monopoly on antiracism. To that end, we will from time to time work to get people with different party affiliations to share a stage to talk about these matters and challenge them to commit to antiracist initiatives for the greater good.

We are organically developing a criteria by which to identify candidates and organizations to be in dialogue with, and we look forward to the feedback of those who attend our events and make use of our resources to determine the most beneficial path forward. In this sense, we are making the road by walking. 

In order to eliminate racial disparities and enhance the ability for individuals and communities of color–and thereby all people–to flourish in the United States of America,  we will need to use every tool of political agency at hand. This means we must harness our electoral power to send more antiracists to every level and branch of government, and we must enact more electoral initiatives that center racial justice. 

We invite you to join our collective effort to take Antiracist Electoral Action!